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Stretch Mark Laser Treatment -
Fractional Laser Treatment for Stretch Marks

Now conveniently available at Dr. Elias Bakersfield Practice

There is no longer the need to put up with unwanted stretch marks. Safe, easy and convenient, the Palomar Lux1540 Fractional Laser Treatment is the choice many individuals choose when treating Striae (also known as stretch marks). One of the great advantages of having the fractional laser treatment at Dr. Elias' medical office is the availability he offers aspiring Bakersfield residents to receive stellar medical attention utilizing the most advanced state-of-the-art medical equipment.

Stretch Marks - Old & New

The fractional laser treatment for stretch marks offers little to no down time, and minimal number of sessions with immediate results showing within the first three to four treatments. FDA approved, the fractional laser treatment for stretch marks helps reduce unsightly stretch mark scars and is safe to use. With each session lasting 30 minutes, (depending on the nature and complexity of the stretch marks), the sessions are easily maintained and non-disruptive to your daily routine.

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Rejuvenate and Pamper

Whether you are a mom looking to rejuvenate your skin, a young teen who has proudly met their weight goal and is seeking laser treatment or simply ready to remove those 10 year old scarring lines to confidently head out to the beach for the first time, choosing the fractional laser treatment will not only reduce the appearance of stubborn stretch marks, but offers optimistic results- more supple, youthful & toned skin, without the need of invasive surgery.

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What is Striae?

Striae is also commonly known as stretch marks, Striae are irregular areas of skin resembling stripes, bands or lines. Alternative scientific names are Striae atrophica; stretch marks; striae distensae

What Causes Stretch Marks?

There are numerous causes of stretch marks. Typically, stretch mark lines become more prevalent due to rapid weight gain or weight loss, puberty growth or pregnancy. What many are unaware of is that stretch marks are not solely found in women, but in men as well. Men tend to suffer the same embarrassing appearance of stretch marks.
Additionally, the striae or stretch marks are not solely confined to the abdomen area. They can be located on the back of the arms, inner and outer thighs and breast area.

What is Fractional Laser?

A patented microfactional laser technology, where pulses of fractional light are used to break down stretch marks, causing healthy tissue and collagen promotion; resulting in a smoother tone and texture of the stretch mark.

Does the Stretch Mark Laser Treatment work on old stretch marks?

The Laser treatment for stretch marks works on old and recent scars. Dr. Elias staff can provide additional information, if needed.

I have dark skin pigmentation, does the stretch mark treatment work well on dark skin?

Yes. The Laser treatment works perfectly fine for very fair, light skin to very dark. Dr. Elias and his staff can discuss further whether you are a potential candidate.