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Make your Skin Look Young, Fresh and Perfect with Microdermabrasion at our Bakersfield Clinic

Our Elias Medical Center is a clinic in Bakersfield that is making a difference rejuvenating skin. We offer microdermabrasion treatments that will leave your skin glowing and looking young.  Women especially have various skin treatments like microdermabrasion annually. Isn’t it essential that your skin be treated by the very best in Bakersfield?

Your skin is the largest organ of your body and the one most prone to damage from the sun. On the whole, our skin contributes approximately 8 pounds to our body weight, and if spread out can cover an area of about 22 square feet! It is also the most popular organ and the one that is most often taken care of by people.

Understanding Microdermabrasion

You may be  wondering what microdermabrasion is. Very simply put, it is a method to remove dead skin cells from the outermost layer of the skin. It is a technique that exfoliates the skin, using a mechanical device that also uses a suction mechanism to remove dead skin cells from the upper layer of your skin. It can be used on any skin surface.

Initially, this technique was used specifically for acne scar removal, pox mark removal and shallow scars of injuries. With advancements in medical science and technology, doctors realized that this technique can be used to treat other skin problems as well, such as age spots, fine wrinkles, tattoo scars and skin lesions. For a non invasive skin treatment, microdermabrasion has the potential to make the skin look beautiful like no other technique can!

Women go to salons and spend thousands of dollars on skin and acne treatments that do not have a long lasting effect. They get expensive facials, and other so-called beauty treatments that are questionable and show no long term benefits.

How Microdermabrasion works

At our Bakersfield Medical Center we advise our clients that Microdermabrasion is like getting your skin exfoliated.  In fact it is this exfoliation of the skin that lasts longer and makes the skin look beautiful, young and perfect! Here is how it works:

  • Unlike dermabrasion, where an anesthetic is needed to numb the skin, microdermabrasion is performed without the need for anesthesia.
  • Minute crystals are sprayed on to the skin, which work in an abrasive manner and remove the dead outer skin layer.
  • Since it is non invasive, there is no bleeding and a very low level of soreness afterwards.

The techniques makes for what most clients call a “pleasant experience,” since there is no bleeding or discomfort involved. However, most doctors advise their patients to avoid exposure to dirt, dust and sun. The use of a sunscreen containing high SPF levels is also advised.

Microdermabrasion compared to other methods

At this point you’re probably wondering why you should use microdermabrasion when it does essentially the same thing as a facial scrub? So, let’s look at why microdermabrasion is recommended:

  • It removes the dead skin cells from the upper layer of your skin
  • The procedure exfoliates your skin leaving it looking years younger
  • It is a non-surgical solution for permanent scar reduction and removal
  • The procedure is simple and the skin recovers quickly
  • There are no side effects and the procedure works on all skin types
  • It is a non invasive technique to reduce scars, remove age spots and rejuvenate the skin
  • The procedure is 100% safe and has not been known to cause any adverse effects

Microdermabrasion works in such a way that you will feel the difference immediately.


Does microdermabrasion require anesthesia?

No, unlike dermabrasion, microdermabrasion does not require anesthesia.

What is the duration of the procedure?

Typically, one session requires thirty minutes to an hour, but several sessions are usually required for the complete treatment.

Is the procedure painful?

The procedure involves little or no pain at all. The maximum a patient might feel is something similar to a slight windburn or a sensation of tingling around the eyes.

Will I need to take time off from work?

Microdermabrasion is a treatment with no downtime, so our Bakersfield patients can resume regular activities almost immediately. However, care needs to be taken to not expose the recently treated skin to direct sunlight for about a week.